ty-ffasi.com: parts sources

Most vendors have some parts that are useful in both video games and pinball machines, and many long-time vendors have a stash of pinball parts, too. For instance, Bob Roberts has had various pinball stuff, but not really a full selection.

Corrections appreciated (send to tjs@psaux.com). Recommendations are based on personal experience and preference, but we would consider bribes.

pinball parts

Pinball Resource fantastic selection, great prices, but no online ordering or credit cards (recommended)
Action Pinball (recommended)
For Amusement Only (recommended)
Illinos Pinball WMS Licensee; Capcom rights holders
Marco Specialities great web site, good selection
The Pinball Factory WMS Licensee; holders of the Bally pinball trademark
Pinball Heaven Europe
Pinball Life
Pinball Pal
Two Bit Score

pinball parts: art reproductions

Pinball Resource many reproduction plastics
Shay Arcade Group repro backglasses, plastics
Classic Playfield Reproductions repro playfields! We never thought anyone would reproduce whole playfields! Also backglasses and plastics.

pinball parts: replacement circuitboards

Sometimes, a board is missing or parts are NLA and this is the only way to go. Sometimes, it's just a hell of a lot cheaper to replace 30-year-old stuff with new stuff.

Rottendog Electronics various replacement boards, mostly Williams
Alltek Systems Bally replacement boards no direct sales
Ni-Wumpf the original system 1 replacement CPU no direct sales
Two Bit Score faithful Bally -35 reproduction
Boston Pinball Company new Gottlieb System 1 displays
Pascal JANIN Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 wonders

video game parts

Happ Controls
Mame Marquees
Twisted Quarter
Pac-Man.com aka Two-Bit Score
The Real Bob Roberts (recommended)
Two Bit Score


Halted Specialities Co. Great if you're in the SFBay area! (recommended)
Jameco lots of obsolete stuff

game sales

If you want to buy a game, you may want to think locally. Shipping is usually on the order of $400 on up. Sometimes, though, you can get a great deal even taking into account shipping.

Mantis Amusements
Pinball Sales.com
Pinball Heaven Europe


Links to people that won't sell directly to customers.
Stern Pinball formerly Sega, formerly Data East

there's always eBay...

Everything ends up appearing on eBay... eventually. This can be a good way to get parts cheap, if you're the only one that wants it.

Tim Showalter / tjs@psaux.com